About Us

Whimsy & Wit is a family run shop that specializes in handmade, high-quality hair and skin care products and artisan soaps. Each product is crafted in small batches to ensure quality and consistency. We take pride in crafting products that are simple in both their appearance and ingredient lists and enjoy the creativity and science involved to provide you and your family with such products. Not to mention the reason we started Whimsy & Wit: the ability to control what is in the products we (personally) use every day.

Whimsy & Wit offers something for everyone. Whether you are looking for an all-natural product free from synthetic colorants and fragrances, or something that has an alluring scent and design to spruce up your space, we are sure you will find something you’ll love.



Phthalate Free • Sulfate Free • Sustainably Sourced • Simple Ingredients

Ingredients are an important topic when it comes to bath and body products. It’s one of the main reasons we started our business. We want you to feel confident in knowing exactly what is in the products you are using daily on your skin and hair, as do we! Our ingredient lists are short and simple. Additionally, the essential oils and fragrance oils we use are phthalate free and all of our Whimsy and Wit products are sulfate free. Check out our FAQ’s for more detailed information.



Go Texan Member Logo  We are a proud member of Go Texan. GO TEXAN is an organization whose purpose is to encourage consumers to seek and purchase Texas-made products. When you see the Go Texan seal you know you are buying a Texas made product. Check out GO TEXAN for more information and to find other Texas businesses.


The artisan and her familyHi, I'm Mariah, the artisan behind Whimsy & Wit. I am a mom to three, full-of-energy, boys who keep me on my toes most days. I have a degree in Advertising Design and work as a graphic and web designer when I am not making soap or being a mom!

My aunt may have been the one that led me down the path of becoming a soapmaker. I remember visiting her house and “shop” frequently when I was younger where she made all sorts of handmade products. She was the one that gifted me my first handmade bar of soap. The difference it made for my sensitive skin and face was incredible, especially compared to commercial cleansing products made “specifically for my skin type” which never seemed to work! After years of using handmade soaps, I wanted to make them myself. I spent a few years researching the art of making soap before I finally got the courage to make some and with that first batch, I was hooked! Over time I have fine-tuned my craft to create recipes and products that my family and I love and I know you will too.