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Unleashing Your Toddler’s Creativity

As we inch closer and closer to my son’s 2nd birthday, I am left to ponder the question, from family and friends, “what does he want for his birthday?” Without over-exaggerating, most of my son’s toys go for weeks without being touched. This has caused me to ponder if he would even notice if I hid them for a while or indefinitely…


If your family is anything like mine, there are weekly discussions about needing to just get rid of some toys or box them up, especially when he picks a cardboard box to play with over everything else. I was afraid it may hinder his imagination and play time, but then a friend of mine shared an article about toy minimilism and apart from calming my fears, it made me realize quite the opposite would happen.


Toy minimilism is exactly what it sounds like keeping some toys he really loves and plays with everyday such as his blocks and play food, but donating or boxing up the ones he doesn’t usually use. The idea is that less toys will cause your child to use their imagination to make them into other things. A great example is something my son does when he can’t find his train; he lines his blocks up and pushes them across the table while making “choo choo” sounds. I know he has a great imagination already, but when he first did this I was so surprised because we had never shown him to do that with the blocks before. After witnessing him do that when he couldn’t find his train (which was under the bed, where everything ends up) I decided toy minimilism was definitely for us. The next morning, I began sorting through his toys, he even helped! (I think he thought it was some sort of game and really enjoyed it, did I mention he loves boxes?) Since that morning, we have never looked back or even asked about our “old” toys.


If you think toy minimilism might be for you, give it a shot, it won’t hurt a bit. Who knows, it may even help you keep the house cleaned longer, it sure helped me with that!


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